Friday, May 8, 2009

Green Vert Verde Gruen Berde πράσινο grön

You get the idea! Green in the home is next on Trendwatch and I'm not talking about living green, I'm talking about living with the color green. Check out some of the latest and greatest in accessories like the above. From left to right: Caleb Siemon's Pendant Lamp $700 Lightopia; Jaime Hayon's Crystal Candy Set $15,000 Baccarat; Sherwood Hammill's Three Piece Desk $15,000 Angela Adams; Harry Allen's Beeswax Bulb Candles $25 pair Ten Over Six; and Tord Boontje's Shadowy Chair $2,722 Jules Sletzer. Harry Allen just keeps cranking out quirky yet desirable art pieces. That chair is fantastic too.

Or try a bright green paint color like the above from Ralph Lauren Home. I have a very avocado kitchen and it's pretty cute and I haven't tired of it after about five years.


Arlynn said...

I LOVE green!!! It's probably my most favorite color, in fact, I just posted today about painting our keeping room green this weekend - although it's a renter-friendly green, not quiite as fab as the RL color above : )

The TownhouseLady said...

I'm very into green right now. In fact I just changed over the look on my sight to green and plum with grays.

maison21 said...

never been much of a green queen, but i'm loving spring and avocado shades right now. done with acid-y neon green though. bleech. and no hunter green ever, please.