Thursday, May 28, 2009

Irish Traveller Update

Apparently Irish Travellers spare no expense when it comes to weddings AND funerals. Eddie C. sent me this photo of Paul Cash's grave from Eamon Dillon's book.


The Townhouselady said...

Unbelievable. I'd love to see the look on the face of the florist that got the request to make a pint of Guinness out of flowers.

(What's with the Christian Singles dating site ad that's popping up next to it? When I did the coke-whore post today about RHNJ Danielle Manzo the same add popped up. Are they trying to tell us something?)

Jilly in Idaho said...

I love the Traveller stories. I've been fascinated with them since the 90's when 20/20 did a story on them. Very secretive society and so strange. Thanks for posting about them every so often.

Isn't that beemer car sculpted thing interesting? It doesn't look like it's decorated with flowers, more like napkins or tissue paper. Just like a float. What a crazy ass clan they are.

I see you post on Scented Glossy Magazine also. Isn't that blog a scream?

Jilly in Idaho said...

I've read your interventions with Tamera and The City - I'd love to read what you could intervene with whacko Kelly from the RHWNY. I read her blog over on Bravo about the lost footage show last night. She said she's had to go through a lot with 4 of the wives being 'jealous' of her this last season. She just never gets it. She also invited everyone to live in her Kelly World. eke! She gets on my last nerve and makes me have googly eyes like Ramoner when I watch her or read her delusional ramblings.

Lucinda said...

Welcome back Jilly! Long time no talk. Yes SGM never fails to deliver. You know, Kelly kind of flew under my radar this year. I did recently dedicate a Hot Mess Monday to her, but she better watch it next season.