Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Muji Makes Cents

Have you ever heard of JETRO? Well it stands for Japan External Trade Organization and they promote Japanese products full of thought with clean lines and reasonable prices. Muji is a Japanese longtime favorite store of home goods and clothing that has started opening shop here in the U.S. Muji sells products made with the designer's sensibilities and and the users needs successfully communicated, creating a sympathetic resonance. What an innovation! But seriously, they put a lot of thought into products and I for one think it is about time. Like take this Evolving Bath Towel above for example. The design of the terry cloth is made with connecting squares so that when the towel wears out after too much use, the grid is already set for you to cut it into small squares to use as cleaning rags. Photo courtesy of JETRO.


The TownhouseLady said...

I love this idea.

maison21 said...

WHY don't we have a MUJI in los angeles? why, oh why?

Anonymous said...

i heart Muji!