Monday, May 4, 2009

Stoked Sessions a Success

So Saturday evening was a huge success for Stoked Sessions. The venue was packed and a lot of money was raised to benefit Stoked Non-Profit. There were over 200 original artist pieces up for auction as you can see on the above wall.

The theme was based on the saying, "I heart L.A." so of course hubby did an ode to graffiti.

Veev was the alcoholic sponsor for the night, an Acai based liquor. I had one mixed with a Red Bull, it was pretty good.

The hosting venue was Upper Playground, but their next door neighbor, The Last Laugh, was host to the open bar. The Last Laugh is an extension of S.A. Studios, aka Mr. Cartoon and the whole Joker workshop. The East L.A./Black and Grey Tattoo counter-culture band of artists have really made a name for themselves. Some of the photographs on display by Estevan Oriol document this lifestyle. There were also some custom painted Mr. Cartoon tricycles and push carts among many other things for sale.

Back in the day, Cartoon was a good friend of mine so I met a lot of the S.A. family. Despite an imposing appearance, they were all pretty nice guys and talented in their own right. Some of these photos I recognize from 8 years ago, I'm glad to see them still around.

And of course, Mr. Cartoon is now a household name, with everything from his own vinyl toy collection to his collection of custom shoes for Nike. If you want a tattoo by Cartoon, he is now operating out of the Last Laugh. Oh and start saving your money, his prices aren't at all cheap after the whole 50 Cent, Eminem and all. After a couple of years of being friends with Cartoon, I made it out with only three tattoos, probably pretty lucky considering!

Hubby and Steve, the co-founder of Stoked, pose in front of some of the artwork up for auction.

Fuel TV was also on hand to interview some of the artists in an effort to help draw attention to their cause. Hubby's piece sold that night, but there are still some pieces available. Check out the website if you are interested in bidding, the pieces all start at just $75.


The TownhouseLady said...

Oooh, your man is a hottie.

Glad to hear the event was a success.

Lucinda said...

I know and thanks!

Jill said...

Hubbie has a jaw that won't quit! What a man!!