Friday, May 22, 2009

Swedes Continue to Soar

Introducing Jumbo Hostel, another innovative and cool design concept straight out of Stockholm's Arlanda Airport. This double-decker 1976 Boeing 747-200 has been converted into a 25 room hostel that sleeps 85 people and hosts a cafe. Oscar Dios saw an opportunity to transform this 30+ year old plane into something usable rather than have it sit and collect rust out in the desert sun. A room will run you about $160 a night and has become quite popular with international travelers on a budget. The interior has been completely refurbished and hosts new space age looking furniture and sleek white surfaces. Although most people, myself included, want nothing more than to get out of a plane especially after a long trip, this idea might be just what our airports need with the travel industry being so unpredictable these days. I do appreciate the effort to make use of this colossal aircraft, and with the force to green up our living spaces by using unexpected materials such a sea containers for housing and storefronts, we just may see more of Oscar Dios' concept around the world. Check out more at Jumbo Hostel.

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