Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Big Day

So here we are, my wedding day! Getting married in Palm Springs was whimsical. I wound up with SOOO many photos and still haven't even ordered the proper wedding pictures. One of these days I guess. It was fantastic, crazy, nerve-racking, HOT, fun, and every other emotion you can possibly feel. Thank GOD Bad Girl was there to walk me through it.

Daniel Ryan was our wedding photographer and he went for a more editorial look which I really loved. There are some great pictures of the guys.

We kept with the Rat Pack vibe of the desert town and my husband wore a white dinner jacket with a traditional tuxedo by Calvin Klein and Prada shoes. I bought him some crystal skull cuff links and he bought me some antique diamond earrings. I wore a lace gown with a sweetheart neckline and a custom made birdcage veil by Giao Nguyen. Of course the shoes were by Lanvin.

Philip Sofi of San Francisco did the make-up for the bridal party. He is a genius. I told him I wanted big Priscilla Presley lashes and we kept the look old Hollywood and glamorous.

My OMG moment.

The bridesmaids wore an Alfred Sung chiffon dress in buttercup. I bought them a cameo necklace and earrings as part of their bridesmaid gifts. This picture is so dreamy, taken in the foyer of our residence at The Horizon.

I told you Shannon Hornberger is phenomenal, right? Their hair was spectacular.

A close up of my veil and antique earrings. I didn't wear a necklace, I thought the sweetheart neckline of my dress was more than enough.

We were running behind and I was afraid my strings (Del Ago Trio) were going to stop playing! Jitters at work. After a lot of going back and forth, I had both my mom and step-dad walk me down the aisle. My mom almost tripped over her gown and I held her up down the aisle.

My mom made all the bouquets with the exception of mine. My bridesmaid Chris knew what I was saying and stepped in and made mine, my mother was trying to send me down the aisle with a potted plant. I wore my antique earrings (old), a Chanel pearl necklace around my wrist as a bracelet (new), carried a blue rosary from The Vatican (blue) and wore the garter (borrowed) my MIL's mother wore on her wedding day. It was all very special.

The ceremony was quick, we were sympathetic to the guests and in hopes they wouldn't melt. My husband was nervous so I tried to make a joke to calm him down. When the priest said, "For Richer or Poorer", I said, "For Richer". I think it helped. The priest (Father Terry O'Halloran) mispronounced not only my last name but called me the wrong first name. I still tell my husband he married Lynda Pace and not Lucinda Pace'.

We said a prayer in Italian and broke the glass for good luck to honor our heritage. I meant to throw some plates at the reception to honor my Greek side but the caterer caught me in the act, just kidding. Those little cuties on the sides are my husband's twin cousins. They served as my flower girl, ring bearer and chief ring bearer was their older brother. I made a flower girl basket by painting a simple basket white and adhering moss to the side and attaching a white ribbon. The boys carried birds nests. It was precious.

The guys looking dapper.

My beautiful bridesmaids.

Our family photo.

The wedding party.

We hired a black and white photo booth instead of doing a table favor. It was very popular.

Melanie Plasse of Palm Springs Pastry made our coconut and butter cream fondant cake. I bought the base used on Ebay (they are expensive!) and the toppers (which obviously wouldn't stay on) were vintage ceramic rabbits. They were very sweet; a priest in habit and spectacles, a groom with a top hat and cane, and a 1920's looking bride. My husband nicknamed me Bunny years ago so it was very unique to have those.

Another big attraction was the grooms cake. My husband is a well known graffiti artist so we wanted to work that in someway but keep everything chic. My husband's brother Max and friend Joe got together and baked the cake and my husband airbrushed it the night before we left Los Angeles (they were basically up ALL night). It's a subway car with our names on the front and the groomsmen's names on the back. Sadly, I never got a piece!

We also had a little something special on the dessert tables to show our lineage. The tiered dessert trays are holding little bags of family treats. His mother baked an apple cake recipe that his grandmother was known for and my mother make a lemon pizzelle that my grandmother used to make. I made recipe cards with a picture of my husband and his grandmother and me and my grandmother and attached them to the bags with yellow ribbon.

Some of my favorite photos of us....

We used this photo in our 1950's yellow cab to make a thank you postcard to send to guests.

We took an aerial group shot before we sat down for dinner. This is a great way to incorporate everyone in attendance and it only takes a second.

Yes, the cops showed up.

Thanks so much for reading and for all of your kind compliments and comments.


Chloe said...

Holy moly girl! What a wedding! I love the slightly retro feel of it all- very chic and very unique! This also made me totally LOL:

" mother was trying to send me down the aisle with a potted plant."

Hahaha, those silly mothers. I didn't have to worry about my mom but about husband's mom doing weird shit during our reception (not ceremony, because we eloped, ha ha!). Goodness gracious.

Anyway, your wedding looked awesome. And at last, the Lanvin heels! Love them!

SGM said...

What an unbelievably glamorous wedding. Wow, Lucinda. WOW.

Jilly in Idaho said...

I loved, loved, loved seeing everything and every detail you did to make such a lovely and exciting wedding. Truly magical and unique. I can't imagine that you missed one aspect of putting together such a thoughtful and perfect occasion. I bet your guests still talk about it. Bravo to you! Thanks for sharing it all with us.

Lucinda said...

Your comments are all so flattering, thank you. I'm glad you have enjoyed seeing it all.

Jill said...

I love the retro vibe. You looked beautiful...everyone looks happy. Just how a wedding should be.

maison21 said...

those might be some of the best wedding photos i've ever seen. you were an absolutely ovely bride (and bad girl too).