Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Big Set Up

I had hired a "Day of Coordinator" named Carisse Dumanovsky and she was a big help. I highly recommend if not insist that you have someone like this on your wedding day. Besides putting out fires all day, she was key in making sure everything got set up while us girls were getting ready. I had to really step back and just let everything fall into place. So much planning had consumed me by this point and I really needed to enjoy myself. The front lobby had minimal decor so I just hung our framed silhouette photos that hubby had made and we set up a table for the guest book and some beverage dispensers as the bar was not officially open until cocktail hour. I didn't have someone stationed at the guest book so unfortunately a lot of people didn't sign but that wasn't a big deal to me.

I made a little sign using the yellow damask letting guests know that the bar opened at 5:30 and to enjoy some iced tea and lemonade until then. I also set out some small bottles of water.

I had taken the regular water label off and replaced it with a band of yellow damask and sealed it with a round silhouette logo sticker. I spent a lot of time on these but I thought they looked cute.

Both of the beverage dispensers were wedding gifts I had registered for. I thought they were really cool and their shape blended well with the mid-century interior.

The place cards were something I was never really satisfied with. I had made two large moss boxes and made these individual font place cards with their name on the front and their table on the back. I had originally planned on having some sort of coordinating plant of flower pot for the place card to stick into at the table but I ran out of time. So I felt like they were kind of strange and would have done it differently if I had more time.

But either way the guests didn't really notice and liked them all the same. Again, I spent way too long on these, but at least they got the job done.

I knew I wanted to provide a bucket of flip flops by the dance floor for tired feet. I bought about 50 pairs of black and white flip flops in various sizes and put them into a large yellow bucket next to the dance floor. I made a yellow damask sign that matched the one in the lobby and it said, "Give your feet a break!". I know everybody really appreciated these. Such little things can make a big difference.

The dance floor and DJ were set up right off the pool and adjacent to the tent. We had a couple of technical issues throughout the night but overall the music was fantastic. We had a lot of people dancing and when you find out how much renting a dance floor costs that is what you ultimately hope for!

Just another shot of the ceremony site set up with the chairs. I really liked the look of the white folding polo chair on the green grass. I thought a more structured and fancy chair would have looked out of place so I went with these.

I had purchased 10 damask print paper lanterns. My poor husband and brother rigged all of these up and it was quite a task but looked great once the sun went down, which everyone was waiting for. It was HOT!!!!

I had purchased all of my apothecary jars, vases and pomander pillars prior to heading down to Palm Springs. We drove everything down there in several cars, it was A LOT of stuff. My mom, my aunt Helen and I went to the Los Angeles Flower market on Thursday morning and purchased all of the flowers. We spent around $500 and they looked like a million bucks!

Another tip - if you have a flower resource near your wedding and there is anyone savvy enough with floral arrangements, call in a favor and do them yourself. My quotes for what I wanted were all over $5,000 and I wasn't even interested in an extravagant amount of flowers. They are hella expensive and literally go in the trash the next day.

My graphic guru Peter Robertson up in Vancouver had taken all the ceremony info and designed a hand fan instead of a program. The back side was the yellow damask print and on the reverse side was all the key ceremony info. I had originally planned on a rounded corner and employed my mom and step-dad to cut these. They looked a hot mess so I took them to the printer and had the corners cut at 90 degree angles. The handles were purchased on ebay and I attached them with a hot glue gun.

Another tip - Hot glue guns are a gift from the heavens. Be sure you have at least two.

I attached a bubble wand with a black ribbon. This was another little aspect that went a long way. My guests really were troopers when it came to the weather.

The fans were placed on each seat instead of on a table for them to grab on their way to the rows. I didn't use seating cards or an usher. I also didn't delegate bride side or groom side, everyone just kind of sat where ever and I think it was fine.

I bought Kermit mums and hat pins and sparsely attached the flowers to moss pomander balls. I had drilled holes in them earlier and attached the white ribbons for hanging. This was a real pain and a big mess but the end result looked nice. Had I more time I would have used more flowers but I think it still looked fine.

Since we were marrying in Palm Springs, instead of table numbers I used black and white photos of famous Palm Springs residents. I found most of them online and printed them out on photo paper. There were plenty to choose from and I used Bing Crosby, Liberace, and Frank Sinatra among others. I used the same white leather frames as I used for my little signs to house all of the photos.

Since the Horizon didn't have an actual restaurant, a seated dinner would have been extremely hard to pull off. We found a great caterer in Indian Wells and did a buffet. Since the table settings were only glass ware and flatware, Peter cranked out a menu describing the items on the buffet and used the black damask pattern in the shape of a plat to encircle it. A menu was placed at each table setting.

I was more than happy with how the tent turned out. My mother spent the entire morning arranging the flowers and they miraculously held up in the hot, hot heat. Vases in different heights and sizes were placed on the tables along with apothecary jars filled with lemons and pomander pillars. The bridal party table had crystal vases and die-cut mirrored Lucite candlesticks. I purchased the table runners as a bolt of fabric in downtown L.A.'s fashion district and had them custom made by a co-worker of my husband. It was expensive and a huge amount of work but it really set the tone for the look of the whole reception. I contemplated selling them afterwards but I am kind of attached to them!

We used long picnic tables instead of traditional round tables. The good part about doing this is the size and the shape of the table fit nicely underneath the clear tent we had rented. The bad part was people's backs are to each other more so than they are with rounds. But ultimately I think they looked really nice and making a runner for a rectangular table is A LOT easier than making an overlay for a round!


Laura [What I Like] said...

I love the clear tent...never seen that before! And my god, you most certainly did well with those flowers. I cannot even believe how much people try to charge for arrangements...just insane.

Arlynn said...

Wow, wow, wow... I am LOVING seeing everything come together! And here I thought I was super crafty - your won flowers?!? I could not have pulled that off in a million years ; )


The Townhouselady said...

I am sitting here mouth dropped open unable to comprehend how you did so much work yourselves and having it look so flawless.


Lucinda said...

Thanks gals, it was a ton of work! But you're all very sweet. Maegan said...

oh it's so fabulous! black/white/yellow is one of my fave combos. it POPS! I so love it!

Kristen said...

wow! how fun - everything looks amazing - you ahve a great eye...

I am so glad CSN contacted you or I never would have stumbled upon your blog - I have been reading posts for the past 1/2 hour and love all that i see!

Anonymous said...

i have been looking desperately for 3 mths. for damask paper lanterns for my sons up coming wedding in chicago 7/18 please please please tell me where you found them i have spent countless hrs. driving and webbing to no avail are yours for sale?

Lucinda said...

I wish i could help you out, but I did sell these last year after I was finished with them. I found them at Cost Plus in March of 2008, so I doubt they would have them still. Did you consider painting some white ones? It might be worth a try?