Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My East Coast Bridal Shower(s)

I went to Virginia Tech (yes, I am THAT smart!) for undergrad so I have a lot of friends that live in the D.C. area. My Matron of Honor Jeddie and my bridesmaid and college roommate Chris asked if they could throw me an east coast shower which made a whole lot of sense since my friends, mom and aunties, and even my husband's aunt and cousins could attend. Chris hosted the little get together and it was a low-key day filled with lots of "suitcase friendly presents" aka gift cards.

The child army continues to grow. One the right, my fellow VT Lacrosse victim/friend Catherine. This shower was good because Catherine was pregnant with her second child and unable to make the wedding so I at least got to see her here. On the left, my fellow college bartender and partner in sweetness Carrie, who is currently pregnant with twins! Carrie visited me out here a month or so ago and broke the news to me very early. She didn't tell very many people so I decided to spread a rumor that she was here getting a consultation for DD breast implants. No one believed me, but Carrie and I got a kick out of it nonetheless. Carrie has always been a skinny minny so we are all hoping she gets super fat because it would only be fair if that were to happen.

Speaking of super fat, I look so damn terrible in these photos, yuk! Plus I was pale. I had not lost all the "relationship" weight I had gained (40 lbs!) when my husband and I moved in together. Thank God it came off (and stayed off thank you very much) before the big day.

See how much longer my mom's hair was already? My aunt Catherine in the middle drove down with my mom and my aunt Helen from Philadelphia and my mom's cousin Brenda, on the right, came and met them from another part of Virginia about 2 hours away. It was so nice to see everyone.

My husband's family is from the burbs of Philadelphia so a couple of them were able to make it too. His aunt Maxine, in the middle, is such a sweet and talented lady. Her eldest daughter Rochelle, on the left, lives in Bethesda and well as her youngest daughter Leah, on the right. Leah and I get along really well so it was no surprise that she won the trivia contest we played and took home a nice little party favor. Chris, my paisan and overall bestie, made some delicious food and her big comfy home was the perfect spot for a relaxing shower.


The Townhouselady said...

I gotta say, the ladies in your family look like they are too fun. I want to plop down on that couch next to your mom and chat.

I didn't do any of this stuff since he asked me to marry him and when we realized the anniversary of our first date was coming up in 2 weeks or so decided on the fly to get hitched on that day (a Tuesday) at city hall and just have a party afterwards in the private wine cellar of a restaurant around the corner from where my husband grew up. Even though we called everyone (all 23 people) I did order proper invites and sent them out knowing most wouldn't get them until a few days before the shindig.

So I'm kinda living vicariously though your posts. Can't wait to see what's next.

Jill said...

I'm glad you talked your mom into growing her hair out. My mother just turned 66 yesterday (I'm still in shock! How old that makes me is terrifying!) and she's never cut her hair's always been a little past her shoulders. I told my husband the other day to plan on an old lady wife with hair down to her butt!

I'm with T Lady...I'm living vicariously thru you too. This is my second marriage. We met with a JP in a hotel suite with just my parents as witnesses. I wish I had married this husband first and last. All of the hooplah was wasted on my first husband.

Chloe said...

40-lbs relationship weight or not, I want to steal those luscious curls offa your head. >:|

(Congrats on keeping the weight off, though, I know that isn't easy to do. I used to be about 30-lbs heavier than I am now, and yeah. I still have to watch it around DH, who can eat ANYTHING and remain at his freakishly low 6% bodyfat, ugh.)

I agree with Townhouse lady- I too want to plop on to a couch and chat with your family. They all look like fun. :D

Lucinda said...

Yes, my mother is INDEED the life of any party. Of course she embarrasses the hell out of me but everyone else seems to love it.