Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My West Coast Bridal Shower(s)

Next on the agenda was my L.A. shower.  I was so not used to people making such a fuss over me, it was awkward!  My future MIL, SIL, cousin and bridesmaid put this one together at my future MIL house.  My bridesmaid Sussy ordered these beautiful flowers.  And of course I owe all these photos to Melanie, again she comes through with the documentation.

My future MIL Sharon used all of my husband's grandmother's linens, crystal, silverware and China.  It's hard to notice, but my husband's aunt Leslie had these mini chocolates in the shape of a wedding cake made in Philadelphia and sent over for the occasion.  I kept mine for a really long time because it was so cute.  I did eat it eventually.

We got the day started with some libations of course.  It was a REALLY HOT day and my MIL's house was very warm to say the least.  The cocktails kept everything cool.

Lady in Red Rayya accompanied me for a mimosa while waiting for all of my guests to arrive.  She is a great drinking buddy.  

Sussy and I matched in our yellow.  I got my dress and shoes at Barney's and my shoes are the infamous Lanvin lucite heels.  They were eventually fixed for all of you that were around for that breakdown.

Rayya who was living in sin at the time took Melanie's rock for a test drive.  Rayya's wedding is coming up in September.

My future MIL Sharon and my future SIL Reina.  Reina is engaged to my husband's brother Max who did the lion share of the cooking for the luncheon.

Max cooks some tasty food and makes it look easy.  His wedding to Reina is coming up one of these days, they keep changing the date.  I take full credit for their engagement as Max caught the garter at our wedding.  Oh and Joanna caught the bouquet who is also getting hitched in July.  See how good of a lucky charm I am?

Everything was delicious but I don't recall eating much.  I guess the mimosas and just trying to be a social butterfly got the best of me.

I did request that Melanie bring cupcakes.  Sprinkles was a good finishing treat for such a hot day.

I think there were four tables set up throughout the dining room and the living room so everyone got to mix and mingle with each other.

After lunch, Sussy had organized a couple of games one of which was the wedding gown out of toilet paper contest.  My guests split into teams and went to work.  My future SIL Rebecca and co-worker Yianna got started on Heather's look.  I got to judge and pick the winner so of course I took the opportunity to get into character as Tim Gun from Project Runway.  Carry on.

Poor thing wound up looking very Little House on the Prairie with a veil looking more like a bonnet.  Heather left my firm to work for some guy named Frank Gehry so there was no way I was going to let her win.

My MIL Sharon is seen here giving her best Runway explanation about my cousin Julie's gown.  I told her I thought the look was dowdy and the waist wasn't the right height for her figure.  I was confused by what look she was going for, Paris chic or hipster?  Make it work.

Sussy, being a FIDM grad, definitely had this one in the bag.  Although Azita's look channeled Madonna's Like a Virgin days, I gave it to them for the win.

After the fun and games, it was time to open pressies!  I got some great stuff and can't remember ever getting so many gifts in my entire life.

My girlfriend Rayya had made a custom mix of olive oil and herbs and bottled it and made a copy of my invitations as the label.  Such a good idea, right?

I had registered at Bed Bath & Beyond for my China and crystal, etc. and at Jonathan Adler for all of my collectibles.  I got everything from housewares to lingerie.  My guests were all so very generous.


Chloe said...

You are like, stunningly pretty and I really want to steal that hair off your head. You better keep me out of California, lady, or I'll totally pop out from behind a bush and ambush you with a pair of scissors. *laughs evilly to self*

I didn't have a bridal shower, so I'm enjoying living vicariously through you. I want those cupcakes! In mah belly! NOWWWWW.

Chloe said...

Oh, and, better (closer-up) picture of the Lanvins plz.