Monday, June 8, 2009

The Newsletter

About a month before the big day, I sent out a newsletter I had made called Thirty Days... I emailed it to family and friends and it was a fun way of trying to get everyone on the same page, even the ones who wanted to be in a different book and trust me I had plenty of difficult moments. Just because it seems like everything was perfect from the pictures does not mean it was. Everyone experiences difficulties in planning a wedding in one form or another and I was certainly no exception. Back on track, I used the newsletter to introduce the wedding party and help everyone get acquainted. I incorporated my damask on the left side and used a picture from our engagaement party on the first page.

I gave a timeline of where the bride and groom would be at certain times and I gave the bridal party the times and places I needed them to be. I dedicated a page to the groomsmen with tux rental information and some fun pictures of hubby as a kid and some current ones of the groomsmen and friends. I also made sure that I mentioned I wanted them to shave and get a haircut. Unfortunately not everyone took this seriously, Hot Mess doesn't begin to describe at least a few issues.

I dedicated another page to the bridesmaids and touched base on alterations, jewelry, shoes, hair, make-up, etc. I added some photos and an old Sicilian proverb that I thought went well with the theme of bridesmaids and friendship. I used a photo I took years ago of Baddy when she jumped in my suitcase before a trip to Hawaii. I captioned it, "Baddy says remember to pack all your undergarments you need for your dress, i.e. spanx, bra, etc".

The final page was a reminder for hotel reservations and taking it easy the night before. I didn't want anyone getting so wasted that they felt like hell the next day, thankfully that was not something we had to deal with. The silhouette logo on the left hand corner evolved out of our rehearsal dinner invite. I made a play on the I Heart NY logo and managed to use this continually throughout the events.


Arlynn said...

This is absolutely FANTASTIC!!! How did you ever gather all of those e-mail addresses, or was this just for the bridal party?!?

Simply amazing. LOVE your wedding - in fact, I might just become obsessed!

Chloe said...

Oh, awesome idea! I can't read this stuff, it makes me want a Wedding Do Over.

("Hi Hubby. I uh, I um...well see, I've been reading this girl's blog, and she has a cute frenchie, and super neat wedding ideas, and so um uh um can we do our wedding over?")

The Townhouselady said...

I was thinking instead of doing mine over I could persuade you to do yours over? Then invite me as a guest? I'd even be willing to help out.

Seriously though Lucinda, this is just so fantastic. Everything so far is perfection.