Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Rehearsal Dinner

Since we had such a great space within the residence of the Horizon Hotel, we decided to use it for the rehearsal dinner as well.  It made things easier on me and kept all the events of the weekend in one location.  Plus time just flew by that day and I was glad not to have to dress up for a formal dinner and drive to another place.  I had plans of ordering a big catering order from a local restaurant that would deliver, set-up and serve the food as well as provide all the utensils and clean up for a very reasonable rate.  About one and half months before our wedding, they closed their doors!  We wound up finding something close to the hotel that we could order from and go pick up.  It wasn't as good but got the job done and everybody had plenty to eat.  I had stopped in a party supply store in Los Angeles and bought all the plates, napkins and utensils and brought them down to Palm Springs with me.  I had some silhouette shaped cookie cutters made and we had sugar cookies in the shape of our silhouette logo.  It's hard to tell but that is what is in the tiered dessert trays.  Overall, the atmosphere was very relaxed and laid back.

The residence along with our private pool provided plenty of space for everyone to spread out and mingle.  I was so beat from all the prep and being in the sun all day prior to the rehearsal dinner that I just showered and threw on a dress.  No make-up, no fuss.  But doesn't my hair look great?

Shannon Hornberger is quite possibly the world's best for wedding hair that is beautiful and chic.  I was lucky to have him fly out from his Mane Headquarters in Virginia to do the styling for myself and my bridesmaids on the big day.  He tried out a side chignon style he would use on my bridesmaids the next day for the ceremony.  I loved it.

I guess it doesn't hurt that he is dating one of my besties from college.  That's Shannon on the left and my college homeslice Ryan on the right.  So needless to say I was very fortunate in the hair department.

Hubby and I had plans for a short thank you once everyone had gotten something to eat and drink.  We said how much we appreciated the fact that everyone travelled so far to be there and in an effort to offset their carbon footprint, we had made and screen printed (an effing nightmare, never, ever try it!) some canvas shopping bags that we wanted everyone to use from now on instead of disposable bags.  I had made a little tag with a brief message about recycling and global warming and attached it with a yellow ribbon and included the silhouette logo you see above.

These were a lot of fun and it was just that little something extra we could give to our close friends and family who attended our rehearsal dinner.  My husband's cousins who were our ring bearers and flower girl were happy to pass them out to all our guests.

So that is pretty much it.  We actually turned in somewhat early and I think so did the rest of our guests with the exception of my friends who went straight for the hot tub and stayed up til the wee hours of the night.  

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