Thursday, July 23, 2009

Trendy Travel Tips

This months issue of InStyle had a great little insert with tips on how to travel better. I am an avid overpacker, always have been. For the first time in my life, I carried on for our trip to Mexico and I am hooked! Although you miss not having as many options, it was SO much easier. No waiting for luggage at the carousel, no taking things from one bag and stuffing it into the next to make the weight, no lost bags, etc.! Here are a few tips from InStyle:

1. Overpacking: Layout every outfit you plan to take two days prior to traveling, then revisit the day before to ruthlessly edit down choices. Take digital snaps of each outfit to remove the guesswork.

2. Wrinkles: Fold items and slip inside plastic dry-cleaning bags or separate with tissue paper to cut down on crease-causing friction.

3. Jewelry: Avoid tangles and dings with a soft, compact jewelry case. But don't check it - keep it safe in your carry on.

For a trip where you plan on shopping, roll up and pack an empty zippered cloth bag. Use it to stow dirty clothes, or better yet, to hold the can't-pass-up items you grab along the way.

I'll add a few: buy travel sized products and empty trial size bottles if you plan to carry on. Sephora has a great little set in an airline approved bag for $18.00. Also, some of the biggest things in my suitcase where always my hair tools. I bought a travel sized case of hot rollers at Target for $14.00 and they are 1/4 the size of the rollers I use everyday! I also invested in a travel sized ceramic straightener for $25. Now, the quality of these two and the results isn't as good as my day to day tools, but the room it saves was worth it! Most hotels provide a hairdryer these days so that has helped.

And when picking out luggage, a few more InStyle tips:

4. Hardware: Handles, zippers and pulls should ideally retract or lie close to the suitcase's surface to avoid getting snagged in transit.

5. Fabric: Ask your salesperson for luggage with a tight-weave exterior, like coated canvas, that will resist abrasion, rips and tears.

6. Wheels: Choose rubber, which absorbs shocks and rolls smoothly on most surfaces. Hard plastic is noisy and less durable.


Arlynn said...

Thanks for the great tips - I'm always in need of a bit of packing assistance, to matter where I'm going or for how long :-)

I roll a lot of things too - they seem to keep from wrinkleing and I can squeeze a lot more into my rolling duffel!

And I have to totally agree with good quality luggage, pay a bit more for great quality now & you won't be buying something new in a year...

Thanks again for the tips & have a great afternoon!

Chloe said...

Great tips! I'm also a horrible overpacker. It's fine as long as I have Husband to lug everything around (hee!) but when I go on trips by myself I'm in biiiig trouble.

My twin sister managed to do a 12 day trip in China with only her carry-on. Understandable (they were taking lots of trains and flights and stuff) but still. 12 days! China! Only a carry on! That'd be so hard for me to do. :|

Laura [What I Like] said...

I'm totally with's my new goal to carry on for every single trip I go on, regardless of length. Muji has some great travel containers for lotions and potions...and they are so cheap!

Summer said...

I so needed these tips a few weeks ago when I packed half my closet for one week.

And then got there and it rained.

And I left the rainy clothes behind.