Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Viva La Mexico!

So I'm back from my friend Joanna's wedding in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. This picture pretty much sums up the entire weekend but I'll go ahead and post a few more. I'll try to get back to actual blogging tomorrow.

We arrived in Cancun and it was HOT! We were only there for about 30 minutes before we were supposed to catch a bus for the rehearsal dinner in Playa del Carmen.

My friendship with Joanna has oddly come full circle with some of my closest friends from college since she is living back in Northern Virginia. Sonya was one of my best college girlfriends and I barely see her anymore now that she lives in NYC. So needless to say it was good catching up. Oh! And I decided to wear an vintage Missoni dress and I bought some YSL cork wedges to wear with this dress and the dress I wore to the wedding. Thanks for all your input, they were a better choice!

There were about 80 guests at the wedding and probably around 60 for the rehearsal dinner.

Our friend Ben paid a Mariachi band to come in off the street and play a few songs.

Which in turn started a conga line.

This is why I love Joanna, all of our moments are pretty much like this!

This little guy walked or shall I say ran over to our breakfast table the next morning to beg for some fruit.

The following night she hosted a costume party in her suite. Hubby and I opted out of a costume and in turn were able to have dinner with some old friends and carry on our luggage on instead of checking it! I have never been able to do that as a habitual over packer but it made a big difference, so much easier! Above is our friend Jefferson as his best rendition of a luchadore.

And the bride went as Holly Golightly. Next to her are my college pals Tomoko, Shannon (the fab hairdresser) and Ryan.

And then there was Ben dressed as a little person jockeying an ostrich. Only Ben could find an outfit like this.

The next morning there was a lovely basket of coffee and juice and some muffins and croissants that they leave in a cubby hole through the front door. It was delicious and we enjoyed it on our balcony.

Not a bad view, huh?

Unfortunately, the day of the wedding brought some stormy weather but we made the most of it. These little guys showed up in the trees outside our window to munch on some sea grapes. They were like half monkey half raccoon. The housekeeper told us they were called Tajones.

Hubby and I pose on the pier before the ceremony.

Complete with a mariachi band and a big black storm cloud headed our way.

I adore Joanna's parents and even though some issues with her father's Greek passport gave us a bit of a scare, he was able to make it to Mexico and give away the beautiful bride. She wore Nicole Miller and looked stunning.

The little hut on the end of the pier was packed with guests overjoyed and happy to see these two great people getting married.

The halos are a traditional Greek blessing. Daddio made it brief and had everyone laughing with his comment, "Please stay bonded". After the laughs came the tears because their vows were so sweet and beautifully written thanks in part to her friend Glennon, a published author. It was one of the most touching weddings I have ever been to.

A last minute pose before El Nino II hits.

Cocktail hour gave me some time to catch up with Joanna's brother's (Mike) girlfriend Erica on my left and my gal pal Sonya on my right.

Hubby stayed cool in a guaybera and I opted for a chiffon BCBG. Of course Shannon gave me some cute braids and a fun updo to help beat the heat.

Mr. & Mrs. Edwards!

And that face! I love it!

All the lovely ladies pose for a picture.

The reception was a lot of fun but people got WASTED! The rain didn't keep us from dancing the night away.

And Jo changed into a dress I might have fit into at the age of 7.

The end!


Jill said...

It turns out I enjoy looking at wedding photos a lot more than I ever thought I would! You looked beautiful. I want your Missoni!! It looks like a wonderful wedding. I just love Mexico! And I love the braids.

The Townhouselady said...

Damn girl. Looks like you all had a hell of a good time.

Arlynn said...

I love, love, love weddings like these!!! I keep telling the Hubs that I wish we were getting married again so that I could plan every type of dream wedding I've ever imagined :-)

Ha! Welcome home & back to blogging...

Lucinda said...

Thanks gals, I missed the blogging but the vacay was necessary.

Ann said...

Oh that was such a nice place...
Looks like everybody was having fun at the wedding.

Joey said...

Lu!! This is such a great post. I want to link to it somehow! Thank you so much. It brought back every moment and thanks for the nice words. Loved seeing you this weekend...see you in a few weeks.