Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What's In A Knob?

As designers, you know that even something as small as a doorknob needs to reflect a rooms overall style. Using the same knob throughout a home can give a uniform look but may fall short of representing the uniqueness of each individual space. Here are some old favorites from Domino.

Ebony Gainsborough Porcelain is an elegant look against a whitewashed door, $25.

Amber Amulet Crystal is a great choice to bring charm to a restoration, $78 set of two.

Hand hammered is a 19th century design that brings in a little pizazz, $275.

This satin chrome octagon would be great in any minimalist space, $57.

An ornate ebonized bone flower for an Edwardian look, $32.

Add an onyx swirl element to French Doors, $115.

And antique milk glass, perfect for the bathroom, $78.


Arlynn said...

Lovely.. I must be a knobby kind of gal :-)

My favs are the Amber Amulet & the Steel Octagon - fantastic options!

The Townhouselady said...

Nice knobs Lucinda!

In fact my husband has a particular fondness for knobs (hardy har har).

Seriously though, one of the things that I was most happy about was that our house still had all it's original glass knobs.

(Don't tell anyone but I had been known to swipe a glass knob or two from previous old apartments I may have resided in. If anyone asks I'll deny it and say you're a liar.)