Monday, August 31, 2009

Hot Mess Monday

This house is made entirely of Legos. Each brick consits of 272 Legos and over 3 million bricks were used, making that over 816 million Legos.

It even has a working bathroom.

If I ever have this much time on my hands, someone please slap me.

Goodbye to A Friend

It is is going to be a light week as my husband and I say goodbye to our friend Adam Goldstein.

Better times ahead.....

Black and White and Lovely All Over

The rolling green grass in the shot above is the stable at Moon Stone Farm, the Kentucky vacation home of design duo Mark Badgley and James Mischka. The couple gave up the Hamptons as a summer retreat from the city and instead chose this picturesque horse ranch to spend their lazy days. It is really gorgeous! Photos by Roger Davies.

Here Mark holds the reins of Brando while James holds the couple's dachshund, Rommel.

Restoration Hardware couches, Hermes throw, walls by Sherwin-Williams in Modern Gray, cocktail table cut down from an antique dining table.

Churchhill Downs was the source for these 1940's chairs which surround a Restoration Hardware table. Leontine Linens monogrammed napkins accompany some mint julep cups. The candelabras are from Mumbai and the buffet is from Sweden.

The library is home to antique antlers and trophy cups sourced off of Ebay. Hermes china dresses the table and the chairs are antique Windsor. I really love the black paint of the shelves, it is so dark and dramatic but the color of the book jackets lightens everything up.

A bright and sunny double window in the kitchen really lightens up the space.

This bookshelf over the pots and pans rack is really genius. I might actually cook more if I had easy access to cookbooks and other literature that told me what to do and how not to ruin food.

The exterior of their humble little home.

Even the guest room is lovely. Mark and James, I could use a little getaway, call me!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Vintage Vice

I wandered onto a blog the other day that talked about Glamour Magazine's monthly Don'ts in the back of every issue. While it is never nice to make fun of someone, apparently if we put a black bar over their eyes it makes it more acceptable. But this jogged my memory to the days of Vice Magazine, while this semi-pornographic B.H. (before hipster) wildly inappropriate publication was mostly offensive and borderline gross, they did have a knack with some candid photo captions. I'll be posting some of the funnier and less horrifically insulting photos with their captions each Friday for the next little while.

"Did you ever wonder where fashion trends come from? Did you think a computer spat them into a gay man's hands and he then turned them into pants and put them on a skinny girl who talks funny? No! Fashion is invented by a really smart guy with a fanny pack named Scary Perry (left), who explains ideas to a magic fairy (right) who puts ideas in a huge red bag and then drops them down the chimneys of expensive department stores. That is why this picture is worth two hundred million dollars. It's like a picture of the Wizard of Oz".

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Light and Easy

Lately I have been obsessing over all things easy travel. The design team of AvroKO sat down with Travel & Leisure Magazine to give some of their favorite tips for a light and easy trip. Above is a case by Nomadic Inc. for the Container Store. Plastic baggies are so passe. Toiletries from abroad include Borotalco powder, Berocca tablets (for fighting jet lag), and Euthymol toothpaste. Photos by Davies + Star.

Solar charger by Solio gives your PDA the juice it needs to make it through the day.

Some of their favorite global treats to pick up included Olive Jam from Cairo's Siwa Organic, Kyoto, Japan's Sugar Coated Peas from Funahashi-Ya, and spiced, candied Guava from Bangkok's Sukhothai Hotel.

Paper soap and shampoo makes it easy to fly through security without all those liquids.

Flight 001 is one of my favorit little stores to drop into and see what is new. They make the plastic pill case and travel chopsticks above, as well as sell the JoeX2 luggage line by Jansport! To add a little taste to your in-flight meals, bring along these little packs of sea salt by Maldon and Choward's Violet Mints to clean up your palette afterwards.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Black Beauty

Helllo Lova! J12 Ceramic in black, JaDIE!

Airport Foodies

Travel & Leisure Magazine recently published an interesting list of awards to Airport Restaurants and Food Vendors. Most of us don't associate good food with our experiences in airports but maybe if you're in any of the following you might want to give it another go. For instance, T & L awarded Seoul's Incheon International with the "Guilty Pleasure Award" for the Doughnut Plant featured above. Photos from T & L.

Singapore's Changi Airport is home to Ya Kun Kaya Toast, the spot for the "Power Breakfast Award". With breakfast being the most important meal of the day, it's not one you want to skip before getting on an airplane from Seoul.

LAX's Encounter Restaurant wins the "Front Seat Award". I have only dined here once in all my years living in L.A. but it was an pleasant experience. They have done some restoration to the historical landmark since I have been there so maybe it is time for another trip.

Hong Kong International is Asia's busiest airport. So with that, they received several awards. The "Eat + Drink Award" was shared by Cafe Deco, King's Palace Congee & Noodle and Saint Honore Cake Shop. The "Shop Award" goes to Muji, The Peninsula Boutique, and Shanhai Tang. And although we don't do much sightseeing in the actual airports, the "See + Do Award" was spread out amongst SkyCity Nine Eagles Golf Course, 4-D Extreme, Regal Airport Hotel and Om Spa, and the Hong Kong Transit Tour. Dayum.

The "Whiskey & Wagyu" Award goes to One Flew South in Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Supposedly you can enjoy lunch with a rare glass of bourbon, my kinda travel.

MochiCream in Narita International Airport Tokyo was crowned with the "Sweet Treat Award". So dark, it must be very sophisicated?

The "Bottle Service Award" goes to El Rincon del Pisco in Jorge Chavez International Airport in Lima, Peru. Pisco is a grape-based liquor and Peru makes the best! I assume they sell airport bottles.

When in Texas try the Salt Lick Bar-B-Que in Austin-Bergstrom International for the "Southern Comforts Award" winning barbecue. Don't forget about the sides, like coleslaw, baked beans and potato salad. YUM!

JaDIE! Of course only Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly airports feature the heavenly delights of Laduree, the "Classic Confections Award" winner. My weakness is all things Laduree.

And if you have any room left, good ol JFK wins the "Lunch Counter Award" for La Vie, an intimate bistro serving an 11 seat bar. The same chefs brought us restaurants like Balthazar, Pastis and Minetta Tavern.

Glass Slipper

I am in love with this acrylic leg from Allan Knight.

Monday, August 24, 2009

No Hassle Tassle

Louis XVI wasn't all boring. Just check out this charming tassle-inspired hardware from P.E. Guerin.

Individual pendent drawer pulls.

Cupboard or cabinet handles.

Drawer pulls.

Wall sconce.

Door handle.

Hot Mess Monday

As if laminate wasn't bad enough, some design school dick had to go and make a chair out of chip samples. WTF?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Urban Farming

Portland's latest steak house, Urban Farmer, is telling it like it is. Despite opening this year in one of the worst economies since the Great Depression, the quaint restaurant is thriving. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Urban Farmer prides itself on local organic sourcing and simple delicious ingredients. Some are attributing the interiors by D-Ash Design with the success. Or maybe it's the cowhide banquettes? Photos by Michael Mathers.

Set on the 8th floor of luxury hotel The Nines, Urban Farmer is a diamond in the rough, missing out on street traffic and flashy signage. The design was certainly challenging as the space is comprised of a 7 story atrium. To create an intimate space, David Ashen and his team went with the story of a Pacific Northwest rancher marrying a well-traveled city gal. Urban Farmer is supposed to represent what their home would look like after wifey had her way with the interiors. Clever! Shelves full of colorful Mason jars filled with pickled fruits and vegetables line the Pantry above, a semi-private space for small parties.

A 20 foot communal table made of Douglas fir lives in the bar. And despite the gorgeous views from the restaurant, a video installation of local rural and urban landscapes by Portland artist Matt McCormick is on a loop for diner's viewing pleasure.

The encircling fields of wheat grass is a nod to Oregon's agricultural heritage. The Pantry is located on the top left of the space in the above picture. I really love the way the outdoors has been brought in, it is very chic.

The Library has comfy leather couches and a sleek black pool table in addition to shelves full of books, perfect for killing a little time while waiting for your reservation.

The bar continues to blend rustic and contemporary. Brushed nickel bar stools pull up to a distressed wood bar with a black granite surface. I'm getting hungry just thinking about this place.

The Crystal Method

Spaniard Jamie Hayon is the man behind the Baccarat limited edition Crystal Candy Set. Each vessel (9 total) is unique, mixing elements of metallic-coated ceramic and engraved gold pieces. There were only 25 sets made and don't expect a discount. Photos by Phillip L.F. Masurier.

Hayon credits tropical fruit with his inspiration for the project. The above is Bon Bon Treasure.

Blackberry Freeze and Lucky Green.

Progression sketches from the Baccarat factory in France.