Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Antiquing with John Nelson

I spent yesterday visiting all three of John Nelson's Antique Shops on Melrose Place. Mr. Nelson is considered one of the world's best and his shops are nothing less than amazing. He is so knowledgeable and has been in the family business himself for over 45 years. There was so much to see and learn about, but here are a few shots from the day. Above is an 19th century grotesque dolphin desk decorative fashioned from a ram's horn. One of my favorite pieces and one of the most affordable at $4,200.

A Louis XVI rock crystal chandelier that was in mint condition. There were so many chandeliers in the shops, it was almost overwhelming. Over $250K.

A set of four Art Deco style candle sconces in their original unwired condition. These are not stone or emerald, but a faux painting technique. Wouldn't these be amazing going up a winding staircase? If I remember correctly the set was $21K.

A vintage ink well and silver set. This set was so gleaming, I could really picture it on a vestibule table or a nightstand. It was beautiful.

An original painting by Rosa Bonheur. If you are not familiar with her work, she was from a family of artists and her work is considered to be among some of the best wildlife paintings ever produced.

Two stone guardians fashioned after Madame du Pompadour and Madame du Berry. I don't think this was meant to be a compliment, it was propaganda to protest the heavy involvement of the mistresses in the French Courts.

A pair of Louis XIV candlesticks in the likeness of an extinct bird. Porcelain and Mercury Gilding, $21K.

One of two very tall grotesque dolphins carved from a solid piece of walnut. These were almost as tall as me.

A clock that once belonged to Christian Dior. Mr. Nelson has a clipping from a French magazine with Dior standing in front of the piece in his Paris apartment.

Another Louis XIV crystal chandelier. This particular chandelier carries an even higher price tag due to the hazy quality of the crystal which were all original and in perfect condition.

And here is Mr. Nelson himself, standing in front of six of a set of ten Chinoserie serving dishes from the 19th century. These were deadstock in a shipping crate and never opened.

A gorgeous little campaign style end table. I love pretty much anything with lion paw feet.

A pair of Baccart crystal lamps from the 1920's. These were so rich. Sometimes, I just wanna steal.

This 8 foot tall Gothic style cabinet featured cabinet doors depicting all the saints. It was one of the larger pieces he had in the shop.

Here is a better shot of the whole piece, although I couldn't fit the entire length in the frame. If you are ever in Los Angeles and have the time to pop into John Nelson, don't miss it. I guarantee you will never see another antique store quite like it.


Jilly in Idaho said...

Just WOW. Everything was amazing; well maybe not all those grotesque dolphin items. I wonder if that was a particular time in history or country that those kind of things were popular or coveted? I loved those plates. I don't think anything else would fit in my home.

Lucinda said...

Hey Jilly, thanks for stopping by. Grotesque dolphins were actually popular during the Baroque period. Event though they look like fish, they were dolphins and were synonymous with Dauphin, which is a prince who will become King of France. I kind of love them, the whole so ugly it's cute thing.

The Townhouselady said...

I NEED those sconces. They are painfully gorgeous. As is the campaign style end table. I'm glad this shop isn't by me because I'd have to take out a second mortgage to afford a light fixture!

Jill said...

Everything you photographed is very cool. My logo for my design business is two antique dolphins. I love that first piece is my most favorite.

The Antiques Diva™ said...

Just so you know I just posted a link to this blog post on my Twitter Acct saying "My Discovery-de-Jour is courtesy of a great post by Chateau de Lu"

This shops a great find and I've never heard of it! Excellent tip!