Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Back to Cool School

Would your class attendance have been better if your school looked like one of these? Architectural Record featured some exciting and sustainable campus architecture in this month's issue.

St. Matthew's Parish School in Pacific Palisades, California by Lake/Flato Architects with Gensler. Love! Photographs by Benny Chan.

It has been proven that students perform better when exposed to natural light. How bright and lively are these classrooms? And I love the outdoor picnic benches. I think being able to go outside for lunch is really necessary and a lot of schools prohibit that.

Next up is the Wheeler School in Providence, Rhode Island by Ann Beha Architects. The facade of this modern structure really blends nicely with the existing exteriors of the surrounding buildings. Photos by David Lamb.

And again with a gorgeous glow in the evening. Night school wouldn't be so bad in this building.

And finally Oslo International School in Bekkestua, Norway by Jarmund/Vignanes. Fiber cement panels encase the exterior. Photos by Ivan Brody.

Skylights, glass lined atria and bright orange flooring not only brighten classrooms but corridors as well.

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Waxy said...

huh - those kids today...they just don't understand the ugly classrooms we had to sit in...