Monday, August 31, 2009

Black and White and Lovely All Over

The rolling green grass in the shot above is the stable at Moon Stone Farm, the Kentucky vacation home of design duo Mark Badgley and James Mischka. The couple gave up the Hamptons as a summer retreat from the city and instead chose this picturesque horse ranch to spend their lazy days. It is really gorgeous! Photos by Roger Davies.

Here Mark holds the reins of Brando while James holds the couple's dachshund, Rommel.

Restoration Hardware couches, Hermes throw, walls by Sherwin-Williams in Modern Gray, cocktail table cut down from an antique dining table.

Churchhill Downs was the source for these 1940's chairs which surround a Restoration Hardware table. Leontine Linens monogrammed napkins accompany some mint julep cups. The candelabras are from Mumbai and the buffet is from Sweden.

The library is home to antique antlers and trophy cups sourced off of Ebay. Hermes china dresses the table and the chairs are antique Windsor. I really love the black paint of the shelves, it is so dark and dramatic but the color of the book jackets lightens everything up.

A bright and sunny double window in the kitchen really lightens up the space.

This bookshelf over the pots and pans rack is really genius. I might actually cook more if I had easy access to cookbooks and other literature that told me what to do and how not to ruin food.

The exterior of their humble little home.

Even the guest room is lovely. Mark and James, I could use a little getaway, call me!

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Jilly in Idaho said...

I Love! What excellent taste and style. I love all the chandeliers and candelabras. And how interesting the number of pieces of furniture they got from Restoration Hardware. What an idyllic retreat. Le sigh....