Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Currently Stalking

Salvatore Romano is my favorite Mad Man by a longshot, so I will only refer to him as Sal or Sally or Sally Boy and not as Bryan Batt. He is guest starring on an episode of hubby's show (Ghost Whisperer) so I have given specific instructions to obtain a photo or have him call me to set up a martini lunch. This Sunday is the big premiere, couldn't you just die already?!?!?!


Laura [What I Like] said...

I have been waiting for the return for AGES. TV is a wasteland without Mad Men (thank god I've had Bravo to provide some low level entertainment in the meantime).

Chloe said...

EEEEK I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS SUNDAY! So excited. Except now I'll be dealing with choosing between:

-Megan Wants a Millionaire
-My Antonio
-Mad Men

Which are all on around roughly the same time and Husband and I are stuck in 2002 with no DVR. This is going to get tricky. Mad Men obviously comes first. Everything else, thank god, will be repeated throughout the week due to VH1 and MTV loving to re-hash their awesome programming.

MAD MEN! I want a boy chihuahua to name "Salvatore". I mean, I would totally name a boy dog "Don Draper" but Husband wouldn't be very happy. :/