Monday, August 24, 2009

No Hassle Tassle

Louis XVI wasn't all boring. Just check out this charming tassle-inspired hardware from P.E. Guerin.

Individual pendent drawer pulls.

Cupboard or cabinet handles.

Drawer pulls.

Wall sconce.

Door handle.


Jill said...

Guerin can be over-the-top but I love a lot of it. My first husband and I built a house and used all Guerin. When I left him (and alas, the house too) I seriously thought about ripping out all of the hardware!

Lucinda said...

Aw, I'm sorry you had to leave your Guerin! I don't know if you remember a Hot Mess Monday I dedicated to the Townhouse Lady, but it was the angry swan faucet and Guerin makes one of their own! So yes, indeed over the top. But you and I share a love of grotesques so we have some gravitation towards the brand.

The Townhouselady said...

I still want that awful angry swan. I just want to use it ironically like on the giant soapstone slop sink we have in our basement. Then he'd have a reason to be angry!

Jill said...

I had the dolphin faucet in my powder room...dammit! And the ribbon and reed in the master bath (my last name was reed ridiculously quaint!) I should have ripped out all the hardware!

Lucinda said...

THL - if ever a person deserved an angry swan faucet it is you. I may just save up and gift you one of these days.

Jill - agreed, I am always in favor of ripping out fixtures when leaving a home, whether it once belonged to you or not.

The Townhouselady said...

No regrets Jill!

I have been known to swipe all the glass doorknobs from my old apartments. It's so wrong, I know but they were really crappy apartments that just happened to have them.

Ironically, Our house already had all the originals intact when we bought it so I gifted them to my sister. She's always lived in new construction and has had her eye on my knobs for years.