Friday, August 21, 2009

Urban Farming

Portland's latest steak house, Urban Farmer, is telling it like it is. Despite opening this year in one of the worst economies since the Great Depression, the quaint restaurant is thriving. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Urban Farmer prides itself on local organic sourcing and simple delicious ingredients. Some are attributing the interiors by D-Ash Design with the success. Or maybe it's the cowhide banquettes? Photos by Michael Mathers.

Set on the 8th floor of luxury hotel The Nines, Urban Farmer is a diamond in the rough, missing out on street traffic and flashy signage. The design was certainly challenging as the space is comprised of a 7 story atrium. To create an intimate space, David Ashen and his team went with the story of a Pacific Northwest rancher marrying a well-traveled city gal. Urban Farmer is supposed to represent what their home would look like after wifey had her way with the interiors. Clever! Shelves full of colorful Mason jars filled with pickled fruits and vegetables line the Pantry above, a semi-private space for small parties.

A 20 foot communal table made of Douglas fir lives in the bar. And despite the gorgeous views from the restaurant, a video installation of local rural and urban landscapes by Portland artist Matt McCormick is on a loop for diner's viewing pleasure.

The encircling fields of wheat grass is a nod to Oregon's agricultural heritage. The Pantry is located on the top left of the space in the above picture. I really love the way the outdoors has been brought in, it is very chic.

The Library has comfy leather couches and a sleek black pool table in addition to shelves full of books, perfect for killing a little time while waiting for your reservation.

The bar continues to blend rustic and contemporary. Brushed nickel bar stools pull up to a distressed wood bar with a black granite surface. I'm getting hungry just thinking about this place.

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it's fabulous and hilarious at the same time!