Friday, August 28, 2009

Vintage Vice

I wandered onto a blog the other day that talked about Glamour Magazine's monthly Don'ts in the back of every issue. While it is never nice to make fun of someone, apparently if we put a black bar over their eyes it makes it more acceptable. But this jogged my memory to the days of Vice Magazine, while this semi-pornographic B.H. (before hipster) wildly inappropriate publication was mostly offensive and borderline gross, they did have a knack with some candid photo captions. I'll be posting some of the funnier and less horrifically insulting photos with their captions each Friday for the next little while.

"Did you ever wonder where fashion trends come from? Did you think a computer spat them into a gay man's hands and he then turned them into pants and put them on a skinny girl who talks funny? No! Fashion is invented by a really smart guy with a fanny pack named Scary Perry (left), who explains ideas to a magic fairy (right) who puts ideas in a huge red bag and then drops them down the chimneys of expensive department stores. That is why this picture is worth two hundred million dollars. It's like a picture of the Wizard of Oz".


sarah said...

Wait! Why in the hell have I never heard of Vice magazine??!?!

Laura [What I Like] said...

Oh my lord I can barely keep a straight face! Hysterical. And wonderful.