Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Burger Boutique to Flip For

Flip Burger Boutique in Atlanta, GA was featured in last month's Contract Magazine for their sleek and clean interior layout. The casual hot spot is a series of upholstered booths and communal tables and the menu features salads, burgers and shakes, nothing ground shaking, right? But do you know who their head chef is?

It's none other than Richard Blais! Remember him from Top Chef? He was one of my favorites, and it's good to see him having such success after the Bravo fanfare. Blais teamed up with restaurateur Barry Mills to open the space and entrusted Dave Heimbuch from ai3 for the design. Photo by Spark St. Jude.

Although I am pretty partial to The Counter, I would like to try one of Blais's burgers. Has anyone out there had the opportunity to dine at this fine establishment? Nene? Kim? Anyone?

1 comment:

Arlynn said...

Heck yea, and it's FABULOUS!!!!

Mmmm... I lvoe a good {no, great} burger : - )