Thursday, September 10, 2009


What do we all think of Miss Ellen DeGeneres replacing Paula Abdul as the 4th judge on American Idol? I'm excited, Ellen is funny and charming and always a breathe of fresh air. I think her kind and witty personality will be a great addition to the show. But will she bring the crazy?

I will miss The Bride of Vicodin, the QVC jewelry and most of all I will miss the shear enjoyment Paula brought me every week as I watched her try to form a complete sentence. But maybe this will give Paula the time she needs to concentrate on bringing back her reality show, which in my humble opinion, was the best show on television, ever. I heard MC Skat Cat is available to co-host.


Arlynn said...

I am So excited about ED, can't wait to see her sharing her opinions & possibly a few dancemoves... could we be that lucky?!?

I think she'll bring the "people's opinion" to judge's row & although may not be quite as carzy as Paula, I'm sure she'll add the random, quirky factor I've always enjoyed : - )

The Townhouselady said...

Love Ellen. I think she's going to be fantastic. I watched when she guest judged So You Think You Can Dance (Awesome show times infinity! Even the hubs watches. Girls dancing sexy and doing splits? It's right up his ally but I digress). She was great. lifted the whole spirit of the show.

Paula, she's someone that you can't stand to watch but will miss horribly once she's gone. They were stupid and selfish not to give her a good bump considering how much they pay smokersbreathmanboobs. It was insulting.

That said, GO ELLEN! Maegan said...

bride of vicodin ..ahahhaha so true. I love Ellen...I hope she rocks it.

Chloe said...

Verrry interesting. It kind of makes me want to watch AI now.

*punches self in the face*

SGM said...

Bride of Vicodin! Best description of Paula EVER.