Monday, January 11, 2010

Random Celebrity Sitings

I used Saturday to run all of my random errands that I will never get to once the quarter starts kicking my ass, and in the meantime I ran into some random celebrities as well. First up, from my hair appointment at Prive en route to dropping off an old cable box, I drive down Melrose and out of the corner of my eye I notice and passenger peeking into my car. I've met Will before, he's an old friend of the hubs, and I was tempted to roll down my window and say hello. But then I took into account the time and place and that fact that he probably wouldn't remember me and I figured it was a bad idea. I would have yelled out, "Yeah, I'm married to Joe Joe, he just designed your upcoming album cover!" but again, rolling down your window to yell out to a famous musician on Melrose in the middle of the day who may or may not remember meeting you screams desperate. So there was that.

After dropping off the cable box, I decided to grab lunch at my favorite Chinese Chicken Salad sans oranges at California Chicken Cafe before I stopped to pick up my dry cleaning. In line behind me was a gaggle of gays fresh out of the gym and with them was Puck from Glee, or so I thought. At a recent Christmas party, we had a discussion on the sexuality of Fin and Puck and the verdict was gay, so I thought I was on to something. Alas, Puck was only in line behind the gays, he was dining alone. No scoop I guess. Photo by Charley Gallay.

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The Townhouselady said...

The story is funny to me. Back in the day I was engaged to someone for 5 years that used to work in the recording industry as a tech and used to install home studios for most of the big rappers in the early 90's. So I'd see all these people out and about that he'd become good friends with and I never said boo to them. Very weird position to be in.