Monday, February 8, 2010

Aniston on the Cover of AD, aka SUCK IT BRAD!

This is the REAL poetic justice. Jennifer Aniston's stunning home is featured in this month's Architectural Digest. Look, we all know architecture is Billy Goat Brad's wet dream of a career, so the fact that she is living it up in a gorgeous airy estate fills me with glee. I would love to see the look on Angie's face when this issue arrives in the mailbox, cause you know they have a subscription at every house. Actually I probably wouldn't, that vein in her forehead is kind of scary. Photos by Scott Frances and Peggy Sirota.

So the house was designed by Harold W. Levitt in 1970 and has been completely restored by Stephen Shadley. The sweeping eaves are so inviting, no?

Who wouldn't be in this place? Aniston was very involved in the design process, even doing some of her own sketches which Shadley called, "pretty good".

Serenity and zen with a bit of Balinese. Quite the entrance if I do say so myself.

Natural stone is one of the main components of the exterior and interior.

When guests are over, someone always plays the piano and good times are had by all.

A pizza oven and a wine room are the highlights of the kitchen. Aniston loves to entertain and does so frequently.



Dobbygirl said...

Gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing. My hubby would die for that wine "cellar". This is one fabu house! Meanwhile I would love to order up some of Jen's bod, but that would require A LOT of discipline on my part, of which I do not have :o( (Attempting a toning/calming yoga pose as I type this - LOL!)

Jill said...

It's right up my alley...even the platform bed, which usually isn't my thing.

SGM said...

Sexy! It's not what I expected from her but I like it.

CC said...

So happy you posted this Lu! I have been meaning to hunt the digest down to scope out her new digs which she had poured over for years! It's gorgeous ... phenom. The entry way is so freaking cool. I do hope Brad is at least a tad bit green with envy!