Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nacho Nacho Man

Nacho Figueras is probably the world's most famous polo player (or as The Countess would say, The Polo) not to mention one of the world's best polo players. You may recognize him from his Ralph Lauren adds (click HERE), because he has somehow caught the eye of the Polo brand, why I have no idea. His Latin charm, rugged good looks and crazypants fan frenzy have earned him the unofficial title of the "David Beckham of South America". Add an amazing house and polo field just outside of Buenos Aires ( I WANT TO GO THERE!) and you have quite the package. Photos by Miguel Flores-Vianna.

Here is a sickening photo of this hideous family. None of them are lookers. Delfina Blaquier is his wife, and the three munchkins are Artemio the baby, Aurora 5, and Hilario, 10.

The low slung modernist house was designed by architect Juan Ignacio Ramos and the interior is a mixture of Pampas tradition mixed with minimalism. Oh, did I mention Nacho is also an artist? The painting hanging over the mantle is one of his own.

The house is also home to various artwork by Delfina's brother, sculptor Eduardo Blaquier, as seen here in the living room on the left. Photographs by Steven Klein hang over the red Chesterfield.

In the hallway hangs a painting by Gustavo Serra. A LC2 chair by Cassina sits underneath.

The outdoor sculpture garden brings a serene tranquility to the property.

The dining room features more artwork by Blauqier and Klein, and an ecclecitc mixture of vintage chairs and benches.

The bright and airy kitchen is the hub of the household. Artsy tableware is used with vintage chairs that once belonged the Delfina's mother.

Delfina's brother designed the walnut-veneer master bed and side tables. His artwork also graces the black wall.

A Mies van der Rohe chair slums it with a Frank Gehry cardboard cut out. Lamp and side table are vintage.

Look who else likes to paint? What a beautiful little smile. Life is grand in Buenos Aires.


Arlynn said...

Reminds me a lot of my life. I mean, it's a striking resemblance.


I'm not even jealous in the slightest :-)

p.s. When's the last time someone's pulled a big, fat "Not" on you?!? Ha!

Hello Lover... said...

Ahhh he was on Oprah's world's most famous people show - and he is a beautiful man! Nice to know he also has a beautiful wife, family, and home. Jerk.

Lucinda said...

I saw that Oprah episode! She was so damn giddy! Not that I blame her. His life looks so whimsical, I like the fact that they are artsy too. I guess I can thank Miss O for putting Nacho on my map.

The Townhouselady said...

Oprah had to change her knicker 2 x during the taping. All the while Stedman was sulking pitifully offstage.

Dobbygirl said...

I hate I missed that episode!

maison21 said...

i love nachos! tasty delish!


suzannemarques said...

it's like any article with johnny depp in it. i tried to focus but just kept craving nacho...s