Monday, June 21, 2010

Hot Mess Monday

Seriously American Apparel, your clothes are frankly vulgar. Your peek-a-boob jumpsuit makes me want to slap somebody and I hold you personally responsible for horrific trend of pre-pubescent boys wearing their 9 year old sister's jeans. And your website could double as porn from the early 80's, not cute. Stick to white T's and stop the fashion blasphemy.


Jen @ Bloggers Abode said...

Aren't they awful? I used to use them as a vendor and every time I got a new catalog I was like WTF? What scumbag is photographing these girls?

Hello Lover... said...

Hahaha - I love this because I always see their name everywhere and people talking about them like they are fantastic and I look at their stuff and think -really? I bought one of their dresses to use as part of a halloween costume - thats as close as anything from there has come to my closet!

Caroline said...

LMAO! So right!
As always, I love your taste and style!