Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Latest Obsession: Nellie's All Natural Products

Over the holidays I picked up some of Nellie's All Natural Products from Crate and Barrel and they have not only proven to be great environmental alternatives to laundry, they put a smile on my face every time I look at their to-die-for retro packaging.

Anyone who knows me knows I take ridiculous pride in my laundry (I've even been known to iron a towel or two, and called The Black Swan but that is neither here nor there) so when I spied this in the store, I was immediately interested to find out more. The cuteness overload little tin with this wholesome smile and wave from Nellie herself was the hook that reeled me in. The fact that the powder was able to be used in my front loading high efficiency washer sealed the deal. For under $18, it promises 100 loads with the tiniest scoop of the fresh smelling laundry soda. And so far, my laundry has looked and felt GREAT!

There is also a guarantee my this handsome Boston Terrier that you will love Nellie's!
You can't beat that!

The dryer balls eliminate the harsh chemicals in dryer sheets and liquid fabric softener and guarantee to fluff up your clothes and linens for over 200 loads. The product instructions came in the form of this fun cartoon on the back of their biodegradable packaging. I can't wait to come across more of Nellie's All Natural Products, I hear they do dishes too! Yes please!

Nellie's is sold in limited locations at the moment, but you can order their products online as well. To find out more about Nellie's All Natural Products, visit their equally adorable website HERE.

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The Townhouselady said...

In the spirit of recycling...

All Miss Nellie is missing is a coin slot so I could drop a dime on her.
I guess I could just go ahead and cut a bitch.

(I've been shopping for a piggy bank for the little one)