Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I Believe in the Death Penalty

I asked my landlord to re-tile the shower stall of my bathroom in 2009 as the grout had rotted away over the years and the cove skirting had come loose, creating an opening in the wall. Finally, she sent someone two weeks ago to do the job. They said it would take 3-4 days. Yesterday was day 13, and last night they left and told us it was "finished". Here is what they left us with:


You can't be fucking serious, right?

Crooked ass shelves

Fucking filth, and a missing toilet paper holder rod.

A broken glass shelf. I don't even know how they broke this, it tilts up? WTF? Oh, and tons of filth.

I did mention that my bathroom looked 1000x better before this, and was actually quite clean, right?

Yes, there really is two kinds of white.

I don't know if we paid extra to have them ruin the doors and frames or not?

Awesome paint job.

Do you think my tub is level? The wall thinks NO.

This used to be a clean floor.

That is a mirrored outlet cover, or at least it was.

Do you like they way the left corner tile is wider at the bottom, then gets skinnier and skinnier as it nears the top? Yes, there really is two kinds of white.

More filth.

Such precision in craftsmanship.

Where does the wall end, and where does the tile begin?

And my favorite, when I washed dishes in the kitchen last night this is what appeared up through the drain. I could seriously fucking kill someone. Fucking disgusting.


Erica said...

That is horrible. Ugh.

maison21 said...

ugh. i feel your pain- slumlords are the worst.

The Townhouselady said...

FUCK, I'm so sorry Lucinda!!

The back-up? I'm guessing they dumped the extra grout stuffs down the tub drain. Happened to me in an old apt. I had in Bklyn, the LL tried to cheap out on the tilers but ended up having to pay $$$ for a plumber to come and fix all the clogged pipes. In the meanwhile I suffered and showered at the gym.

Good work with the documentation. You may end up needed it in court.

Lindsey said...

Just found your blog because I'm blogging a little sumthin sumthin about my fascination with gypsies today. LOVE IT! You are funny and this mess of a bathroom they left you with is definitely effing horrible. TGIF!