Monday, January 9, 2012

Venice First Fridays

I took my birthday celebration to Venice, CA on Friday to meet up with some old friend's and enjoy some of the local fare from the traveling food trucks we have come to love in town. On the first Friday of every month Abbot Kinney stays open late and draws crowds of all ages to enjoy the fresh air and take in some of the tasty bites offered up on every corner.

There were so many food trucks, and literally all the best ones you always crave when you're driving by but don't have time to stop. I got a shrimp taco that nearly burnt my mouth off, but it was good nonetheless. And I eyed a ton of stores I would love to go spend some money in, but know that I shouldn't!

Yassy organized our outing, and Neha and Mirabelle are always up for a night out. I love my girls, and I am so glad they dragged me out of the house, thanks!

I was excited to link up with my old friend Cesario "Block" Montano, who will quickly tell you that he raised me. He is a character like none other, and has the best stories of anyone I know.

Even my buddy Fredwreck came out to celebrate another year of my little life, thanks Freddy!

There were so many people and the lines to get in places were pretty long. But when you're strolling with the unofficial Mayor of Venice, anything can happen. We started the night out at Hal's, then made it over to a party that was making this weird carrot and lemon juice, so we left there and headed for the The Brigg.

Did I mention my new drinking buddy is Oliver Stone? Like I said, when hanging out with Block, anything can happen. Block had spotted Oliver eating at Hal's, and after a few drinks he had no problem telling Fred (above) to go with him over to his table and make friends. So Oliver Stone joined our bar crawl and he was blast if I do say so myself. He was buying shots and toasting my birthday and was full of laughs, not at all what I would have expected. His son Sean asked Fred to introduce us, so I also had the pleasure of meeting him as well. Let's just say doesn't look anything like he did in his Wall Street debut.

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