Tuesday, April 3, 2012

All In For The 99%

I stepped out to a great party and art show this weekend hosted by Edward Norton on behalf of the 99%. It was held right down the street from me in an old car dealership and the place looked amazing.

The ramp served as the walkway for the guests and there were are installations to catch your eye on the way up.

There was a giant Revolution piece made of stuffed animals with blacked out eyes...

One of my faves, Patrick Martinez had some of his neon for sale. I have been spec'ing some neon for an office project I have been working on, so I was definitely interested in this piece!

And anything political will have an appearance by Shepard Fairey, of course.

Screw Wars by Michael Muller.

More neon, definitely a hit in the stark space.

I am not much of a photography fan, but this is a powerful image.

And then there were some more hard hitting pieces like this......

I also really liked these stencil type pieces for Antarctica

It got pretty crowded, especially when Tenacious D and Moby started playing, but the space was huge so it was super fun.

The night was sponsored by Ed Norton and Russell Simmons. Eddy, you're truly dreamy.

And Van Jones started his speech by pointing out the people who were not there that not, like Trayvon Martin and soldiers serving overseas.

I was super excited to find out that Fitz and the Tantrums were the surprise musical performance.

They are amazing live!!!

My girlfriend Soraya and I came out to support her younger sister Sowaila who was part of the PR firm organizing the event. She is so talented, and did such a kick ass job that night.

Several Asahi's later, we headed home in the rain. L.A., I love you!


Chloe said...

Eddy, you ARE dreamy! *sooo jealous that you got to maybe share the same breathing space as him*

Lucinda said...

I left out the part about my plan to drag him into a bathroom and make out with him if the opportunity presented itself. It didn't, but a girl can dream....