Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Kiddie Rooms Reppin Hard

If I were a kid, I would make my mom and dad buy me this Alison Delonge Ava Chair and hang a bunch of guitars on my walls then put on my ripped up jeans and wife beater and cover my face when people tried to take my picture. This kid is fucking cool.

Or I would ask them to put some Aimee Wilder Sumo Wallpaper up and buy me some horns for my mid-century style coffee table...

And after that, I'd get a bunch of cool coffee table books and stack them up all nice and neat next to my Whippet sitting on my fluffy throw rug in front of my Kokeshi Walls, also by Wilder.

And if I was a boy, I'd totally opt for the Analog Nights in my studio...

Etch-a-Sketch! Nice styling on this shoot for Gilt. Me likey.

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