Monday, May 7, 2012

Hot Mess Monday

Spotted: weirdest bumper sticker ever.  "Caution: I brake for naked time lords".  Someone please tell me the meaning of this?


Eeek said...

Hmmm I would say its a reference to Doctor Who - Brit Sci Fi series Doctor Who is a time lord - can travel in time and space and between dimensions and realities. The chap who played Doctor Who had a fan base. Also on one episode guess what - he was naked..... implied not seen lol

Google Doctor Who - you need the 12th/13th Doctor. Series has been running on and off since 1963.


Failing that they have stolen it and have no idea of the reference to Time Lords etc etc and that makes them rather stupid.

Lucinda Pace said...

OMG, thank you so much! It was truly eating me alive not knowing what that was all about?!?!

Anonymous said...

It's not stupid; it's deliberate. The image on the bumper sticker is that of actor David Tennant (who played Peter Vincent in the "Fright Night" remake) and comes from the "Doctor Who" BBC One television series--that particular episode was "Journey's End" (part two of a three-parter) and is here if you want to watch it: