Monday, June 18, 2012

Neocon Highlights

OMG Neocon!  My feet may never forgive me.  This was such an incredible trip and experience, I cannot wait to go back.  Here are some highlights from inside the Chicago Merchandise Mart.

Little old me...

 I forget where this wall was...but it was cool.

 I loved the vibe inside AIS, they had a live dj, crazy evaporating martinis and all kinds of live art installations.

Not sure what this showroom was all about, but I loved the Murano glass chandeliers

The 9 to 5 showroom was lots of fun...probably because they are manufactured locally and my friends knew all the reps.

And this showroom was amazing.  They are a fiber company and they made these huge installations out of string and had cellos, violins, etc. in the space.

 I am obsessed with this skull hide pillow from Edelman

 Very cool collage made of tiny framed pics at Allsteel

This was an interesting little lounge area at OFS designed by Primo Orpilla, the same team that is responsible for the Facebook headquarters.


 I fell in love with Tuohy.  So gorgeous.  If I ever design a large office, I am definitely going with Tuohy, seriously sexy.

God bless the showroom that had these macaroons...

 Creepy but cool robot people.

 This has to be my favorite photo from the trip.  This gigantic Asian man walked in front of me when I was trying to take a picture of that weird alien looking things behind him, classic.

There was a strong Alexander Girard presence at Vitra and others...

Cool skyline made of fiber and nails...

Jasper group had a fun installation

Bentley Prince Street was bringing the glamour

Ken was having a Titanic moment

At the end of day one, we attended a rooftop party at the East Bank Club sponsored by OFS.

The end of just one day....I had to steal a nap in one of the installations.

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